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Warning: The fish have been sending out spies recently and we believe there has been a breach in security, so please watch out for suspicious activity.


The 1st Annual



Who may enter?
Anyone staying at Pinetucket


Contest has begun! Only fish with pics count (sorry guys...)

Starting July 7th, the contest for the biggest fish will commence.
Come on ye anglers! Bring in the lunker!!!



First Place
"Little Britches"

Fish: "Unlucky"

Second Place
"Sexy McCanna" aka "The Boston Angler"

Fish: "The Bruce Lee of the Sea"

Third Place
"The Clay Aiken of Bacon"
aka "The Brian Boitano of Bass Fishing" aka "The God of Lure"

Fish: "Nibbles 'N Quits"

Fourth Place
Bobby Sludge

Fish: "Breakfast"

Fifth Place
"Best Bud"

Fish: "Wiggles"

Sixth Place
"Little Britches"
aka "The Susan B. Anthony of the surf"

Fish: "Lucky"

Seventh Place
Sheryl Fudge

Fish: "Guppy"


Eighth Place

Fish: Goofy


Ninth Place

The Goat!

Banned for life for using steroids